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Skin Care

AHA - Hydroxy Acid Facial Skin Care Treatment

AHA Facial Treatment

Human skin produces about one million skin cells every 40 minutes. New cells are produced at the deepest layer of the skin, and when they reach the uppermost layer of the skin they are dead. The old cells harden, lose moisture, and then detach from the skin. This process is called desquamation, and as we age, this process slows down and can cause skin dullness, follicle clogging, and dryness.

The Hydroxy Acid Facial uses exfoliants, which we infuse with botanicals and natural essences, to “unglue” dead cells and allow them to shed. This helps to minimize the signs of skin aging and hyperpigmentation (age spots), by lifting dull, discolored cells that gives skin a mottled appearance.

Although acid can sound a little scary, theres nothing to worry about! In fact, the Hydroxy Acids that we use are derived from natural products: Glycolic Acid from sugar cane, Lactic Acid from milk and Salicylic Acid from willow tree bark. All of the products used protect and nourish the skin and the treatment is completely tailored to your skin type, meaning it is even suitable for clients with sensitive skin.

This is a great treatment for clients that like to feel and see the difference after a single treatment!

After care

Following the treatment, we advise you to keep your skin clean, not to use any sun beds, do not go swimming or use saunas or heat treatments and do not apply perfumed products to the skin. Everyday apply a 30 spf sun cream to block out any sun getting to your skin.

AHA Facial Treatment $95

“I’ve been a regular and devoted client of Studio Two since 1998. Sisters and co-owners Irena and Daniela have set a high bar in terms of the quality and consistency of their services. Having had the good fortune to visit many of the world’s top spas and resorts, I can say that Esthetic Studio Two ranks among the very best. I always look forward to my visits, both for the meticulous care, as well as the warm and attentive atmosphere.”

- Rita Silvan
former Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Canada magazine