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Nail Care

Paraffin hands and feet treatment for skin hydrating and soothing inflamed joints

Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin Treatment can be added to manicure or pedicure or as a treatment on its own. A warm, therapeutic treatment to super hydrate the skin and soothe inflamed joints. The paraffin seals, locking in moisture and is easily removed to reveal soft, supple skin. A perfect cure for dry, rough or cracked skin on your hands and feet.

With a professional paraffin manicure, we will clean, shape, buff and polish your nails, trim the cuticles and massage your hands and wrists, as is the standard of any manicure. A paraffin manicure includes dipping your hands into warm, melted paraffin wax, coating your hands with a warm and soothing paraffin shell.

Our hands are often the most dehydrated part of our body. This can be caused by constant hand washing, the use of hand sanitizers which typically contain alcohol, subjected to harsh cleaning products in the home, leaving hands chapped and dry.

A paraffin manicure is known for its treatment of extremely dry skin because the heat of the wax opens the pores and increases circulation to the hands. A paraffin treatment can also temporarily alleviate sore muscles and joints. Paraffin wax manicure is also great for enhancing and maintaining nail health.

Paraffin Manicure $32

Paraffin Hand Treatment $18

Paraffin Pedicure $46

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