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777 Bay Street, Toronto, Canderel College Park 416-979-6712

Sterilization Policy

You are safe with us!

At Esthetic Studio Two, we adhere to high standards of sterilization and product quality, going well above Toronto Public Health regulations. We believe in providing our clients with better option then going to spas with questionable hygiene practice and staff that is not professionally trained.

  • All our stainless steel instruments are cleaned after each client and soaked in a high-level disinfectant.
  • We don’t use “spa chairs”, who are breeding ground for different bacterias and fungus. Stainless steel pedicure foot baths are cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Other supplies used in your treatment that can not be sterilized and are made of plastic or paper, like foot files, nail files, buffers are used only once, then properly disposed of.
  • All materials and tools used in waxing treatments are single use and properly disposed of after each use. This includes wax, wax containers, spatulas, waxing strips and gloves.
  • Clean towels and paper sheets are used at all treatments, as well as gloves.
  • All our therapists are professionally trained.

Prior to booking any of our services, please advise our staff of any health conditions and medications that you are currently taking.

“Here is a blatant endorsement from a longtime client - been going since the doors opened, great service, warm attitude, reasonable pricing and conveniently located! These girls make me look great, I am always complimented on my nails!”

- Susan R.